Changing Your Baby's Diapers

When you have your toddler, life inevitably changes. Your learn new things, but also create new experiences for yourself. Changing your baby’s diaper is just one of those new experiences you will have along the way. On average, a baby needs their diaper changed about 10 times a day (70 times a week)...which means it can be a hassle. Here’s some guidelines to follow so you can make sure your little one stays happy and healthy during the process.

First off, before you start to change diapers, you need to make sure you have the right materials to do it right. Here is a basic list of things you will need. 
  • Clean Diapers 
  • Diaper Ointment 
  • Diaper Wipes (A warm wet cloth of cotton swaps may also work) 

When its time to change your baby's diaper follow a simple process to do so efficiently and effectively. First off, lay your baby on his/her back and on a clean space. Remove their dirty diaper carefully as exposure to air may make males urinate. Wipe the genital area with diaper wipes or a wet cloth ans cotton wipes. When wiping females, be sure to wipe from the front area all the way back to avoid a urinary tract infection. Use ointment to prevent a rash from occurring, or to heal one. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after this process. 

Diaper rashes are also a possibility among your little ones. Usually this happens from skin contact with a wet or poopy diaper. However, these rashes are usually mild and go away after a dew days. Here are a few tips when dealing with/preventing a diaper rash: 

  • Make sure to change your baby's diaper after imminently after bowel movements
  • Wipe the rash area with warm water and a little soap (diaper wipes can be irritating) and apply diaper rash cream.
  • Wash cloth diapers with fragrance-free detergent
  • Let  your baby go diaper-free for part of the day (this allows them to air out)


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