Best Baby Caring Strategies: How to Begin Caring For Your Newborn

The first few weeks of having a baby can be a new experience for you, your spouse, and mostly your baby. It can sometimes be confusing how and where to start. However, here are a few tips on slowly learning and caring for your baby. 

First off, its always a good idea to find support from places it matters. Experts at your hospital such as nurses, feeding specialists, and lactation consultants may be able to provide useful information such as changing your babies diapers to correctly holding your newborn baby. 

Here are some good tips on basic caring practices when first bring your baby home:

  • Washing hands when handling your baby. Since newborns are still developing, they are at a higher risk for infections. Therefore using sanitizer before handling your baby and making sure others have clean hands when handling your newborn can go a long way. 

  • Handling and supporting your baby's head. Make sure to support your newborn's head and neck when carrying them and/or laying them down. This is because the head is one of the heaviest and most sensitive areas of new born's body. 

  • Never Shaking Your Newborn. Avoid repeated rapid movement when waking up, or soothing your newborn baby. Doing this can cause bleeding in the head and death. Instead tickle, or lightly rock your baby to sooth.

  • Never Rough playing your infant. When your baby is experiencing their first week of life, they are still developing and very fragile. Avoid any type of rough play such as jiggling on the knee, or throwing them in the air until they are older. 

In so many words, be gentle yet still playful with your little one. Show love, and show consequences for misbehavior. Because in the end, they really are a mini version of you. 






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